Another (Re)Purpose!

Happy Thursday!  Cindy is your blog host today!

Sandy and mom always find the greatest things at tag sales, especially vintage fabrics.  Here is something they gave to me that I’ve been saving for just the right re-purpose:


Last week, I bought a new printer that resides in my sewing room.  With all the dust and fabric fuzz floating in the air, I thought I’d better cover it with a towel or something.


What self respecting quilter would use a towel instead of a quilted printer cover??!!  After a brain re-calibration, I got busy with my trusted Bernina.


I made the printer cover with only three sides so I can easily slide the cover off and on.  I had some matching bias tape on hand to finish the back side and the bottom.


Here is the “fruit of my labor”…haha (pun intended)!  My new printer works great and  it’s much prettier covered in quilted vintage fabric!




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