Patriotic Quilts

We love July 4th and we’ve got the quilts to prove it!

Sandy just finished this wall hanging for her office (soon to replace the St. Patrick’s Day beauty that she just couldn’t take down!)  It’s an original Sandy design! (Yippee — I figure that this quilt can be on display from Memorial Day through the end of July.– Sandy’s aside.)


An original design by Sandy @ Gray Barn Designs. (Ms. G did a beautiful and fast job with the long arm after several failed attempts to use my trusty Bernina to quilt it myself.– More asides from Sandy).

Our family farm has an American flag on one of our silos.


I was playing around with the quilt below and thought it looked mighty fine on dad’s  haybine.  This is a machine that cuts the hay and leaves it in rows ready to be baled.  Whew!  I avoided all the grease spots when I took this picture…mom said she likes it on her couch more than on the haybine!


Photo credit  Gray Barn Designs 2018

It was very hot at the farm yesterday!  This just might be a record!


Since it was so hot, I decided to walk down to the pond and cool off a bit.  This was my view from the path to the pond.


Sandy and I spent many July 4th holidays here at the pond, swimming, eating and having fun on hot summer days.  We usually took a dip after moving hundreds of  hay bales into the barn. (Cindy didn’t want me to tell you that occasionally I have been known to forget my swimsuit when I cool off at the pond in the summer. I promised her I wouldn’t over share. Ooops.)


We are excited to celebrate Independence Day here in the USA. Happy 4th of July everyone!


Photo credit Gray Barn Designs 2018

Good night from the farm!


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  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Sandy and Cindy! I love the new patriotic quilt . . . and it can hang until Labor Day! Woot woot. I hope you both have a fabulous 4 of July. I kind of agree with your mom about the quilt looking better on a couch, but it does look pretty stunning on the haybine. Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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