Sew Summer

I love to take pictures the flowers in my garden.  Here’s a delphinium that towers outside my kitchen window.


How about this geranium right after a good rain?


Now I think I know why I am drawn to these patriotic fabrics!


In other news…

I’m working on a new pattern and one of the blocks is framed by four half square triangles.  Yesterday, in spite of careful measuring and planning, some of my seams just didn’t line up the way they were supposed to…sigh…trimming now required!


Since it was Sunday, I quickly decided I had no choice but to put my feet up, relax on the porch and enjoy the mystery novel I’ve been meaning to start.  Sewing ( or perhaps not sewing) in the summer definitely some advantages!


5 thoughts on “Sew Summer

  1. piecefulwendy says:

    The good thing is that you can trim that block and will still have plenty of seam allowance. Yay! Boo to the trimming though, it’s a bit of a drag. What mystery novel are you reading? Looks like a cozy spot to read!

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      Yes, you’re right! I still have plenty of seam allowance! I am reading “Threads of Suspicion” by Dee Henderson. She’s a good mystery writer and I keep trying to figure out the villain…not as easy as I thought!

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