Baby Frolic Quilt — free Pattern

The weather today is delightful and I found myself nearly levitating off the chair at my pays-the-bills job. I was also levitating because I had the chance to package up my jungle-heavy, monkeying around baby quilt to the grandmother of my friend’s new baby. I love to deliver unexpected surprises!

Before the hand-off, though, I took a few pictures.



I found the monkey rattle a few months ago when I stopped in a shop that was going out of business (score!). It was perfect for my featured fabric and made it simple to package up my quilt for gifting.


As I mentioned previously, Baby Frolic was developed because I had some fabric that I couldn’t bear to cut apart. I wanted to create a pattern that let the featured fabric shine. After I paired up the featured fabric with a complementary fabric and then an accent fabric, I was ready to start on patches. I filled in those blocks with fabrics from my stash.

I think this pattern would work with many fabrics, but I found the new Jungle Fever line from Rebecca Jones at Clothworks. I think Rebecca’s adorable elephants and sloths would make a delightful Baby Frolic quilt!

Baby Frolic Pattern.

We’ll also post this pattern to Favequilts!

Cindy and I want to share an evening view of the fox kits frolicking near their woodchuck hole den on the farm.

Speaking of frolicking, where’s your favorite frolic space?

9 thoughts on “Baby Frolic Quilt — free Pattern

    • sandradny says:

      Chela – By your blog, I’d say you’re pretty good about frolicking all around the Hill Country too! Enjoy those grandbabies!

    • sandradny says:

      Meg — I know, I know, but aren’t the babies cute? My dad is worried about the turkey egg population as more and more foxes appear.Thanks for spending time on our blog!

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Oh how lucky were you when you found that monkey rattle?!!! It just gives me the chills when a project comes together like that – it was just meant to be for sure. What a fun quilt and another free pattern. You guys are on a roll – I’m proud of you. AND those little fox kits – how how cute are they? I love how that one hops over and then sits so nicely like someone said sit – now you can have a treat. My favorite place to frolic is anyway Dominic is, out sweet boy of 8 months. I’ll do all kinds of frolicking with him anytime! ~smile~ Roseanne

    • sandradny says:

      Roseanne — you are so right about frolicking with babies — nothing better than to see their joy as they discover the world. My oldest grandson is going to graduate from preK next week. Time goes by so fast!

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