Low/High Pressure Piecing

It’s tornado season here in Ohio.

This past Tuesday, we had crazy thunderstorms, the barometric pressure dropped and southern Columbus experienced an EF 1 Tornado.

While this low pressure weather system was wreaking havoc with wind and torrential rain against my sewing room window, I was doing some “low pressure” piecing with my collection of 2.5 inch squares.


My 2.5 inch squares are all sorted by color and assigned to their own special zip lock baggie.  I pulled a few out from each baggie and started arranging and sewing.


The rows below were in progress when my son called and said (as the tornado sirens were blaring) “I’m stuck in rush hour traffic, my car is not moving and this lightning show is awesome!”

Low barometric pressure piecing suddenly turned into high blood pressure piecing!

Of course, I said what any sane mother would say at this point, “GET OUT OF YOUR CAR AND FIND SHELTER…OR A DITCH… OR SOMETHING!!!)


Fortunately, my son made it home safely and all Columbus residents are safe after this rush hour tornado scare.

Today is sunny and cool so I took Norma and Sadie for a walk in the park.  Norma was waiting for me to throw the stick and Sadie was off sniffing whatever Mini Schnauzers sniff.  As you can see, no pressure here today!


10 thoughts on “Low/High Pressure Piecing

  1. tierneycreates says:

    Your post titles are so awesome – when I get a notification via e-mail of a new post by you I want to read it right away (though many times I have to wait). I could not wait to find out what low/high pressure piecing was – ha – very creative 🙂
    Glad your son was safe – how scary!
    Norma does look low pressure!


  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Phew – no pressure is a good thing! And I’m glad your son is okay after the tornado scare. Holy moly! I’ve never been in a car during a tornado siren was going off, but that is not the best place to be. That’s a pretty darn stick to be throwing around!
    ~smile~ Roseanne


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