I’m Interviewing…

fabric that is!

I recently found a 42 piece batik charm pack for $4.99…who could resist such a thing?  Not me!  I love the color combinations!


So….now I’m interviewing fabrics to see how best to tie all these colors together.  Maybe teal but I’m not ready to commit.


Fabric #1 – Teal

I’m not sure this yellow/green works.


Fabric #2 – Yellow/Green

There is some pink in the batiks but I don’t think it’s this shade.  I think the batik pink is more coral than fuchsia.


Fabric #3 – Fuchsia Pink

Here’s the old stand-by:  solid navy.


Fabric #4 – Navy Blue

This orange is way outside my comfort zone.


Fabric #5 – Orange

What do you think about my interviews?

What color(s) would you use to tie these fabrics together?

24 thoughts on “I’m Interviewing…

  1. Meg our-house-quilts says:

    What a bargain! I like them all except the pink. If it were my pack, I’d go for the chartreuse, my current favourite ‘neutral’.


  2. Kamilla says:

    It depends on what I want. The colour orange if I ‘d like to Challenge myself. The green/yellow To show more softness and the spring around the corner.


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