Surprise Nose Job!

In my March 12, 2018 post, “New Motto”, I shared with you my efforts to tame my scrap bin by cutting all my scraps into 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 inch squares.  Since I’m now super prepared and organized, I started a new design with my 1.5 inch squares.  Yes, it appears that all is well with my design wall BUT (cue drum roll….)


Guess who decided to stick her nose onto my design wall and sniff the fabric?  Yes, it’s true, my trusted sewing gal pal, Norma, gave my design a real nose job!  Scraps were a flyin’ everywhere!


Norma, the Beardie (a.k.a.  Bearded Collie)

Note to self:  Don’t place a quilt design at Norma’s nose level!  How could I get mad at this face??  I couldn’t…I just put my design back together and moved on!

Other projects in progress:  I’m tacking down the binding of my  Heartland Modern quilt that Ms. SJ quilted for me.  I like what she did with the quilting design.    You can download this pattern by clicking on the link at right:   Heartland Modern 01 10 18


Heartland Modern, Designed by Cindy Kratzer of Gray Barn Designs

I finished quilting my USA panel.  Now I have to turn it into a pillow cover.  This shouldn’t take too long to assemble.


I have another USA map panel to quilt.  Since it’s still cold out and I can’t do too much  gardening, I’d like to get this quilted soon!


I hope your March quilting efforts are productive…and watch out for those “Surprise Nose Jobs” from furry companions!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Surprise Nose Job!

  1. tierneycreates says:

    Awesome post title! Well Norma just needs her adorable nose kissed! I would forgive her if she did a “nose job” on my layout – ha! I love the USA panels! Your quilting looks wonderful on the heart quilt and on the USA quilt!

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