POOF! An Instant Project

I need a new quilting project.  I just finished all my Valentine mini quilts and asked  myself what I should do next?  POOF!  Just like that, a forgotten project an instant project magically appeared this morning from under a pile of fabric…in a bin…on a shelf…in my closet.

When I was in Alaska during August 2016, I bought this cute panel with coordinating fabrics.


I love the panel because of the colors and the joyful people celebrating the cold and the snow.


This could be my favorite.


Well, maybe this one is my favorite.


I want those mittens!


Talk about doing the “Happy Dance”!


My instant project should keep me busy for awhile.  I didn’t buy a pattern for the panel and coordinating fabrics AND now I forget what I had in mind way back then!

I’ll play around with some designs and report back to you.  My goal is to complete said “instant project” this year.  POOF!  Off this instant to get started!

12 thoughts on “POOF! An Instant Project

  1. Julie says:

    I love it. How cute.
    I hate when I buy fabric with a project in mind, then when I get around to it I have forgotten what I was going to do with it. I have just lately started putting notes on new fabric that I bring into the house with my idea on it. Time will tell if it actually works. hehee

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