Forgotten Flower Garden

I put my Grandmother’s Flower Garden hexie blocks in a bin and forgot about them…for almost a year.  Time to bring them out and use them for an “airport project”.  Nothing like English Paper Piecing while waiting to catch a plane!


I now have 13 blocks with a white hexie border.  I want to join all these blocks together with a fabric reminiscent of the 30’s.  I tried a few print fabrics but the print competed with the prints in the flowers and my eyes went bonkers!  I am interviewing this solid green fabric as a “joiner”, what do you think?


When I started this project (long ago), I used a whip stitch to attach my fabric to the templates.  Recently, I have seen a lot of information about glue basting hexies for English Paper Piecing.  I might give this technique a try when I join my flowers together.

Do you have any tips or tricks for glue basting hexies?  I’d love to hear from you!


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