Vintage “Stuff”

For the past few years, my aunt has been cleaning and getting rid of “stuff” she doesn’t use anymore.

She considered this beautiful, vintage quilt as part of the “stuff” she wanted to part with.  Lucky me, I was the recipient of this vintage beauty!


Each quilt block is made from four elongated hexagons (a.k.a. honeycombs) and a square in the center.  The blocks are then connected by the bright yellow squares.


The block center square and the yellow connecting squares have all been tied off with heavy cotton thread.  As you can see, some of the floral fabrics have faded and some remain quite vibrant.  All the piecing was done by hand.


The quilt has a tear that I need to repair but the batting is interesting.  As you can see, in the photo below, it has several layers of flannel and ticking striped fabric.  With all these layers, it’s a very heavy quilt!


The quilt measures 74 x 80 inches and the back is solid yellow.  I just love the colors and patterns in these fabrics!  I will gladly take “stuff” like this any time!


13 thoughts on “Vintage “Stuff”

  1. Meg our-house-quilts says:

    What a beauty. Are you tempted to renovate? Redo the batting with something lighter, and warmer? Replace/patch torn blocks?


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