Cutting Remarks

I am doing some cleaning, organizing and planning for 2018.  First order of business is to get my cutters in order, kind of like “Gentlemen, start your engines!” except this is, “Cindy, start your cutting!”

These are my two trusted rotary cutters and I need to buy some new blades for my 45mm.  I’ve seen many different types of rotary cutters in my fave quilting stores and would like to ask all of our readers:

What type of rotary cutter do you use?

Why do you like it?


My next level of cutting involves little scissors (aka snippers) that I have all over my work areas.  I have one on the ironing board, one on the cutting mat, one or two by my sewing machine and one just somewhere!

What types of scissors do you use?

Why do you like them?


Now back to the cleaning, organizing and planning for 2018, it’s going to be a great year!



8 thoughts on “Cutting Remarks

  1. sandradny says:

    You have more than one pair of snippers? Brilliant — I’m always looking for mine. There are benefits to cleaning one’s sewing room. Case in point: I have been missing my favorite pair of regular glasses for a week or so — cleaned my sewing room and presto! — there they were!

  2. Sparkle On with Abbie says:

    I love your embroidery scissor collection Cindy!
    I was using a Fiskars 45mm but got an Olfa for X-mas. I hear they have better blades? My sewing area is such a disaster I don’t know where to start 😜
    Here’s to a great year!!!

  3. Tracy @ It's a T-Sweets Day! says:

    Hello again! I thought I would drop by and check out your fun blog:). I have tried many different rotary cutters. Unless you have an ergonomic need for a specialty cutter, I have found they all cut the same. I like to have a very small one for cutting around curved templates, a 45mm because the blades are cheaper and my favorite is my 60mm because it really gets the job done. I buy my blades in bulk on Amazon. A sharp blade is of course the real answer to happy cutting:). Well, that was probably more of an answer than you were looking for, but thank you for the question. I hope you have a wonderful day!!❤️

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      Hi Tracy! Thanks for checking out our blog AND for the good tip about a small rotary cutter for curved templates. I will give that a try. It’s always good to hear from quilters like yourself, there is so much to learn!

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