Christmas Tree Tour

Yesterday Sandy and I were talking about how much we love the hand made ornaments on our Christmas trees.

Ornaments bought from a store can add shine to our trees but the real heart warming ornaments have been made by family and friends over the years.  I’ll take you on a tour of a few of my favorites.

My son made this for me when he was in preschool.  He is three years old in this picture and he is wearing his favorite red dinosaur sweatshirt.


Sandy’s son made the ornament below.  It’s a finger painted star AND he even signed the back.  We are thrilled to have a signed original on our tree!


My aunt made this stocking for me.  It’s tiny and fuzzy and lovely.


Mom made this stuffed bear a long time ago, excuse the dog hair!  The red thread bled into the muslin fabric because I had to rescue it from the dog’s mouth!  Yikes!  No wonder the poor bear has that expression on his face!


Mom and her friend made these charming bird ornaments one year.  I love the pink AND the crystal eye.


Here is an angel made by another aunt.  Isn’t she pretty?


What are your favorite hand made ornaments?  We’d love to hear about them!

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