Putting Pencil to Fabric

On a cold and rainy morning a week or so ago, I dropped my cell phone in the parking lot.  Bye-bye old phone, hello new model! My boss opted to not upgrade me into the iPhone stratosphere (no X for me, alas) but I did receive a new iPhone 8 and I’ve been experimenting with the upgraded camera features and I’ve downloaded a few new photo editing apps to explore.

Here is some holiday pie porn with the new equipment:



I have also been rummaging through some old projects, trying to finish up a few languishing old favorites. I have always loved this pencil block. It’s one of the first paper piecing patterns I ever made.


I added the yellow and black borders to create a mini and now it’s time to make my quilt sandwich and finish the quilting.


An old friend observed that most of the artwork in my house has words on it. I’m sticking with what I love!

3 thoughts on “Putting Pencil to Fabric

  1. tierneycreates says:

    I am cracking up because the pie photo caught my eye immediately when I opened this post and I was like “she is posting pie porn”! But you recognized it also as gratuitous PIE! After I stopped gawking at the pie I managed to enjoy the rest of the post! The pencil is adorable as is the little quilt!

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