2017 Ohio State Fair Quilts – III

I wanted to share a few more quilts from the 2107 Ohio State Fair with you.

Pinwheels are a favorite of mine and these batik fabrics were quite lovely.


No words can describe the amazing quilt below.


Another pinwheel quilt….love it!


The quilting below was as interesting as the colors and patterns!


This quilt depicts downtown Columbus, Ohio.  Lots of nice quilting details!


Below is a favorite of mine.  Notice the words quilted into the design.  They are all words relating to the State of Ohio.  LOVE!!!


Check out these Cathedral Windows…wow!  I mean wow!


Color, pattern, texture, dimension… this quilt captures it all!


The quilt below is just amazing!  Close ups follow.


How cute are these ducklings?  The flowers?  The leaves?  The butterfly?  But wait…there’s more!


How about these little birdie eggs?!  And the nest?!


Well, this concludes my tour of 2017 Ohio State Fair quilts.

I might enter something in the 2018 Ohio State Fair quilt exhibit but as you can see, the competition is intense!  To even get “honorable mention” would be an honor.

12 thoughts on “2017 Ohio State Fair Quilts – III

  1. Sparkle On with Abbie says:

    I’m catching up with your Quilt show posts, so many wonderful ones to take in. It blows me away that people actually can make these quilts. I have a thing for pinwheels too. I love seeing the close ups of the last quilt, little peeps and a colorful butterfly.!
    Oh you should enter, it would be so exciting! Do you have something in mind?

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