2017 Ohio State Fair Quilts

The Ohio State Fair has many beautiful quilts on exhibit and I’d like to share some of them with you.

The pattern for the quilt below is titled “Artful Album Quilts” by Jane Townswick.  Ruth Pennell, the creator of this quilt, accomplished a beautiful mix of colors in this bright album quilt.  Her applique work is something I can only hope to aspire to!


Second Place Winner – Ruth Pennell

The quilt below is called “Circle of Friends” and won a third place ribbon.  Rebecca Hamilton, creator of this quilt, used a nice mix of colors and textures.  Very ribbon worthy!


Third Place Winner – Rebecca Hamilton

We can’t show quilts of the Ohio State Fair without The Ohio State University’s Buckeye colors!  This scarlet/gray/white and black quilt was even more beautiful in person.  This quilt was made by Laura Nolletti…nice job, Laura!


Ohio State Bargello – Laura Nolletti

The small quilts below really caught my eye!  Lots of color and pattern!


Below is another quilt by Ruth Pennell.  As you can see, it is exquisite (in Buckeye colors) and worthy of the “Best of Show” title!  Ruth’s applique work and piece work is  beautiful.  This quilt pattern is called “Ruffled Roses”.


First Place Winner and Best of Show – Ruth Pennell

I have lots more photos to show you…stay tuned for more quilts from the Buckeye State!

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