Speed Bumps

Last weekend I got the chance to reconnect with my best friend from college. In my lonely first semester at SBU Linda found me cautiously approaching a floor party in a boys’ dormitory as a solo. She was there alone too, bravely holding up a wall with a drink in each hand. She passed one of those beers to me and we’ve been fast friends ever since — despite the miles and the silence of 30+ years punctuated only by cards and letters exchanged annually at Christmas time.

Linda spent the majority of her career in the Albany NY area. When I moved back to New York from Texas, we saw each other occasionally, but various commitments kept us apart. Now she’s moved to Charlotte, NC and she invited me down for a visit. The timing was perfect. We had a wonderful weekend sampling the food and beverages of the Queen City and catching up on years and years of history. I know will go back to visit her often in her new home. She is so happy there and I love to see it!


Linda and I recreating the scene of our first meeting. This time we were located in a German biergarten in Charlotte.

While I was in NC, I made some furniture decisions about my sewing room. Since my DIY cutting table project crashed and burned, I’m been anxious to get my sewing space back into usable form. I purchased a wooden desk on one of those Facebook garage sale sites.  I’ve been working on a glass/metal computer kiosk squeezed into a corner of my sewing room and I’m ready to have an adult desk. It was delivered while I was gone. Speed bump #1: the legs are a bit wobbly. <sigh> I’m pretty sure that it can be corrected with a little wood glue and a clamp, but I’m nervous about my wood-working capabilities.

Speed bump #2: I found a dude to make a me a cutting table. He finished the table and delivered it on Tuesday. I was so happy, I was giddy. Then I asked my son to help me move it from the garage to the sewing room. Are you ready for this? It.doesn’t.fit.in.the.door. Seriously. Dude added some stabilizers to the bottom of the legs, which preclude me from snaking it around the door on it’s side. I have to admit it: I cried.

However, dude claims to be an honorable gentleman and he has promised me that he will return this week — perhaps as early as tomorrow– to take it apart and make sure it gets in the house.

Speed bump #3: My son is on the school tennis team. I was racing to get to a sectional game yesterday afternoon (He won – yeah! Team lost-boo.) A nice policeman decided to play some lovely red and white disco lights in my rear view mirror. My mother was with me. After the nice policeman drove away, she picked up the speeding ticket and said “Is this what a ticket looks like? I’ve never seen one.” Grrrrr.

Enjoy your Memorial Day! I wish for you a weekend sans speed bumps.

5 thoughts on “Speed Bumps

  1. tierneycreates says:

    Oh sorry you had to deal with the red and white disco lights (ha!) and the ticket, and those other speed bumps. Looks like fun with your friend in NC (I heard Charlotte is very cool)! Tell Linda hi from another former resident of Albany, NY (I went to Albany High, SUNY Albany and Maria College of Nursing there). Oh I lived in Texas (Houston) for a while too! I so enjoy your posts!

  2. paulette whitfield says:

    your post was soooo funny – you will laugh about the table & ticket for years to come. Take it in stride as there is nothing else you can do. Glad to know the guy with the table will return to make sure it fits in the door!! Now what are you going to do if it does fit in the room???

  3. Sparkle On with Abbie says:

    Hi Sandy, I enjoyed reading this post. Even with years in between visits, life long friendships hold some of my best memories.
    Oh, I understand don’t mothers have a way of making those “mom comments ” that make you go grrrrr 😬
    Hope you enjoy the holiday weekend 🇺🇸

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