Continuing on my topic of “What I did with my quilt guild last Saturday”, the day would not have been complete without a stop in the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio located just down the street from Lunn Fabrics.

The Arts Center presented the circular ABSTRACTIONS Bull’s Eye Quilts curated by Nancy Crow.  We were asked to not take pictures, but AQS has a link here that shows you some of the work in this exhibit.  These 51 quilts were a study in color, pattern, texture and design.  I could have spent hours looking at these glorious works of art!

Speaking of color, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of an Eastern Redbud tree this morning while walking my dogs.  You can see these buds are just about to pop open and soon (probably tomorrow!) fuchsia blooms will populate the landscape of central Ohio.  Happy quilting!


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  1. Sparkle On with Abbie says:

    I looked at the link and was amazed by her quilts. I especially liked the first one. Quilts are truly works of art! Beautiful photo, We are seeing blooming trees here in your neighbor state of PA too 🙂 🌸

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