March Madness

This month, specifically the last two weeks, has flown by. Without a machine I’ve been wasting time and trying to find every excuse known to womankind not to begin my spring cleaning. Meanwhile, Cindy has been sewing up a storm, including this little mini beauty, March Madness.

Cindy’s March mini quilt channels all the madness of March: the most unpredictable, wild, disruptive and, well, green month of the year. Winds swirl in western New York in March and the random half square triangles mimic the crazy don’t-get-too-comfortable, catch-me-if-you-can, is-it-spring-or-ain’t-it vibe that makes the end of winter fun.


This mini will break you out of your matchy-matchy, everything has to be symmetrical rut. 

I almost wrote that this pattern will help you get swept up in March, but when I typed it froze: sweeping=spring cleaning. NOOO! This March Madness 2018 Pattern is just another excuse to put spring cleaning off for a little while longer. You’re welcome!


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