Super Bowl Scoring

Thanks to sister Sue’s splashy Christmas gift, I had the chance to have some fun at Material Rewards‘ Super Bowl weekend sale. Oh my, that store was packed to the rafters on Saturday afternoon! You know you are in fabric shopping gridlock when both parking lots for your favorite store are packed tight. But I powered through and I managed to squeeze between the aisles and make my way to the fat quarter pre-cuts.

I’m planning a quilt called “True Blue” by Carrie L. Nelson. This will be the second quilt from the Spice of Life Quilts book that I’ve made and it will use all of these fat quarters. I hope to give this as a gift to a friend of mine who is retiring in June. We’ve done a lot of antique shopping together and I think she’ll enjoy the color palette of blues and creams. One of my favorite purchases is this cute tea-stained print:


I’ve also worked a bit more on the Drops of Rainbow project. I’m making stacks and stacks of 2.5″ squares whenever I have a few minutes. However, it’s difficult to see if I’ve really made a dent in all those scraps or if, as I suspect, there are gnomes in my house weaving more and more fabric in the middle of the night. Which I wouldn’t mind if the sneaky burgers would cut out a few squares while they were at it.




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