Out With The Old!

New Year’s Resolution #144:  Clean out closets

In the process of cleaning out a closet I found a couch quilt I made more than a few years ago!  Out with the old!  It must be used again!

I found this pattern in a quilting magazine that I have since sent to the re-cycle bin but I have seen variations in recent publications. I remember wanting to try a new piecing technique using diamond shapes  and I bought some reproduction fabrics in colors that matched my decor.


Some of my favorite fabrics have words on them and I added some scripted writing to this quilt in keeping with my reproduction fabric theme.



Hard earned quilting lesson #237:  Always make a test block when attempting a new pattern or technique!

I made a “few” mistakes when I cut out these diamonds and I did go through some fabric before I got the cutting technique down pat.  My first blocks were wonky to the extreme and I had to step away for a day or two before my husband, RK, showed me how my cutting angles needed correction.  Whew, I got back on track and stopped making fabric scraps!

My couch quilt is in plain view once again…now back to New Year’s Resolution #144!



5 thoughts on “Out With The Old!

  1. sandradny says:

    Beautiful. I’ve never seen this one before. And, duh, I never thought about rotating quilts in my house — even though I do it in my office all the time….

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