Geese Almost Cooked


Geese and gap

Remember the saga of my Paddlewheel quilt? I am here to report that I finally mustered up the courage to tackle those geese once more and…guess who won? Oh yeah, it was me.


Thanks to Keepsake Quilting‘s excellent customer service, I was able to get more fabric for the pattern and finish those geese off properly. The pattern and fabric came as a kit from KQ.

I love the low tones of this quilt, but I wanted to add some extra special sauce to it, so I replaced one of the corner blocks with a cheery splash of red to the final product. The pattern calls for a wide outer border in the small print cream which I have not yet added. I am considering adding a thin inner red border first. What say you? Is the splash of color enough or does it need to be balanced with a red border so that the red “makes sense”?

After all my struggles and denial about this quilt top, I’m really pleased with the result. It may just be the most accurately pieced top I’ve ever made. We will not discuss the little block error in the top left-hand corner (which I am fixing tonight!). I’m hoping to send this off to Ms. G, my longarmer by the weekend. Perhaps this quilt — which was supposed to be my roommate’s Father’s Day gift — might finally be ready for Christmas.


7 thoughts on “Geese Almost Cooked

  1. Carolyn Lewis says:

    A narrow red trim to tie the red block with the rest of the quilt is just the kick I think it needs. Go for it……but, I do love red. Beautiful quilt top.

  2. Texas Quilting says:

    Wow – I love the colors in this! I’m going to be making a quilt next year that I have planned to have one block with a contrasting fabric in it like that (different pattern though). It’s nice to see someone else likes this!

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