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Soooo…I was supposed to create a post last Thursday, but WordPress was not cooperating.

Earlier in the week I discovered a fraudulent charge on my credit card. My credit card company was incredibly responsive and they cancelled my card, issued a new one and sent me the documents to pursue my claim. Smooth as silk. Then, alarmingly, I received these weird emails from WordPress or what seemed to be WordPress asking for my credit card information, including a demand for a “returned charge fee” and threatening to shut down the blog within 48 hours. It even appeared that the entire blog had been lost when I tried to log in.

I contacted Cindy in a panic, I put my roommate on the case (my own personal in-house IT department) and asked both of them to assist with recovery and resolution.

Well, well, well, you’ve connected the dots, right? Yeah, that “fraudulent charge” was the renewal fee for the WordPress site and the domain registration. That’s right: I am an idiot!

<sigh> We did learn some things in this process, however painful. It’s time to implement some backup procedures and tighten down our login process. Silver lining?

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on re-imagining my sewing space, including a reclaimed cutting table that I can’t wait to install. Mom and I have almost completed the painting. I hope to change-up my sewing life by this time next week.

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  1. tierneycreates says:

    I did not press the Like button as I am so sorry you had to deal with credit card fraud. A couple of years ago I had a $5000 piece of art put on my card. Not sure if the credit card company got to prosecute (I mean you think there would be a trail with an art purchase, but they did quickly reverse the charge). Hope you post photo of your reimagined studio space – I love photos of studios where people create!

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