All Things Pumpkin

Fall in Central Ohio–LUV!  It’s time to change out the wall hanging in my sewing room and of course I have a pumpkin quilt!  I picked up this kit and pattern at a shop hop several years ago.


The inner dark print and binding are hard to see but they are made from a tiny pumpkin print.  The outer border is the fabric I fell in love with and the real reason I bought the kit!  As you can see my quilter, Ms. KB, did an awesome job!


Every year, a town here in Central Ohio hosts the Circleville Pumpkin Show.  We attended yesterday and it is small town Americana amazing!  First we had to park–left or right?  We went to the Beans!


Next a girl’s got to eat!  Where to start?  With pumpkin– as in all things pumpkin!  So many world famous items to choose from!

For the record–I did pass on the pork rinds and bacon puffs!


We saw the world’s largest pumpkin pie–oops looks like someone’s fingers found their way into the filling!  You can read more about this pie at the bottom of this web page.


Oh, we also ran into the Real Housewives of Circleville!  Who knew?


The show stopper for me was the quilt exhibit!  Many lovely, colorful quilts were on display BUT here is my all time favorite!  I laughed so loud that I caused a few heads to turn–can we say awkward?!


Thanks for sharing a great day in Ohio with me!


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