Candy Corns—YUM!

Two years ago, the search for a Christmas quilt for my son ended with this colorful Candy Corn quilt.  I know, I know…why would I give him a fall themed quilt for Christmas?!? Maybe the colors, maybe the triangle challenge, maybe just because!

I asked him to bring his quilt over so I could take a few pics and he volunteered to help me with the photo shoot.  As you can see, he decided to “hide” behind the porch swing!


I found the pattern for this quilt in the “Quilts and More – Fall 2013” Magazine published by Better Homes and Gardens.  This quilt is called “Candy Corn Toss” and was designed by Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company.  I love the bright colors and how the candy corns really do look tossed!


I like how orange, yellow, green and purple fabrics are showcased by the black background in the blocks and outer border.  From a distance, the outer border might appear to be snowflakes…oops, wrong theme!  The outer border is really a spider web print I found on my quilting travels.  It’s kind of creepy to me, but I knew my son would LOVE it and he does!


I was happy to find the background fabric in a bargain bin at a local quilt shop.  It had all the right colors AND I saved some cashola–a winning combination for me!


Since I gave this quilt away, I am thinking about making one for myself.  I might even put it under the Christmas tree with my name on it!

3 thoughts on “Candy Corns—YUM!

  1. tierneycreates says:

    Yum is right! I have never seen a candy corn quilt below – I love it! Unfortunately I also love candy corns and when we have them in the house, Terry the Quilting Husband has to hide them from me and give me only allotted amounts at a time (I need candy corn supervision). But if I had this quilt…ha!

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