Happy Almost Halloween

Scary, but true, I have finished my pix-elated Sugar Skull mini! Woot Woot!

I’m so proud of myself, I can’t stop taking pictures of it!




After my quilting triumph, my son and I took a break to visit a small local park called Rock City. It was my first trip there and it was amazing. The views were lovely and the stroll through the giant formations provided lots of opportunities for reflection and introspection. We decided that we will have to take Cindy and her DH for a hike next spring when Rock City reopens.




I’m liking the lichen!


This look says “way to ruin the moment, mom”, doesn’t it?

We may or may not have rediscovered a delicious seasonal spot for sweet fresh apple cider and donuts on our trip too. When I was in college, my mom and dad would bring cider and donuts from Cummin’s when they stopped by to see me on Mondays in the fall. (You see there was a cow sale nearby that they attended nearly every week. They’d come and pick me up for lunch and drop off cider, donuts and homemade cookies). The goodies were as yummy as I remembered.

On our way home, Wes and I made a pact to explore another hiking trail next weekend as well. There is so much beauty around us, it’s not right to spend so much time indoors!



Let the Happy Dance Begin

I did it! I did it! I quilted my sugar skull mini quilt! We’re not talking perfect here, but we are discussing progress. I do believe that I have released many of my fears about the risky learning process of machine quilting.



I learned a lot about my machine and a little about thread choices through this process too. I also learned that I definitely need/want a sewing table that allows my machine to sit in a well. I also learned that I’m going to have to be a thread collector — I need more options for quilting!

I’ll get this binding on by the weekend and hopefully on my wall before Halloween officially arrives.

P.S. Here is an actual photo of me while in the throes of fmq

Thanks to Dr. Seuss for documenting my experience!

My old boyfriend Vlad

We are just days away from the end of summer, so I thought I’d dust off one of my old quilted boyfriends and give him a little sunlight. I designed Vlad the mug rug last fall.


Vlad 2.0 (pattern here) has a new look because I finally, finally bought a new-to-me Bernina and I am venturing into the world of true quilting, not just piecing. To be sure, I’m no Lori Kennedy nor am I a Tim Latimer, but the meandering stitch on Vlad makes me somewhat hopeful that I will be able to <eventually> become self-sufficient throughout the entire quilting process.

I snagged the new machine off a Facebook garage sale. I got lucky and the machine only needed a regular tuneup. The steal deal also included lots of extra feet, including a walking foot, an embroidery foot and quilting foot. I think I’m going to love my little Bernie — maybe I’ve acquired another boyfriend?

Candy Corns—YUM!

Two years ago, the search for a Christmas quilt for my son ended with this colorful Candy Corn quilt.  I know, I know…why would I give him a fall themed quilt for Christmas?!? Maybe the colors, maybe the triangle challenge, maybe just because!

I asked him to bring his quilt over so I could take a few pics and he volunteered to help me with the photo shoot.  As you can see, he decided to “hide” behind the porch swing!


I found the pattern for this quilt in the “Quilts and More – Fall 2013” Magazine published by Better Homes and Gardens.  This quilt is called “Candy Corn Toss” and was designed by Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company.  I love the bright colors and how the candy corns really do look tossed!


I like how orange, yellow, green and purple fabrics are showcased by the black background in the blocks and outer border.  From a distance, the outer border might appear to be snowflakes…oops, wrong theme!  The outer border is really a spider web print I found on my quilting travels.  It’s kind of creepy to me, but I knew my son would LOVE it and he does!


I was happy to find the background fabric in a bargain bin at a local quilt shop.  It had all the right colors AND I saved some cashola–a winning combination for me!


Since I gave this quilt away, I am thinking about making one for myself.  I might even put it under the Christmas tree with my name on it!