Really?! A Duck Neck Quilt?!

Cindy here–I want to get back to my Alaska adventure because there is so much more to tell you about quilting in Alaska!  Our last stop on touring Alaska’s inside passage was the town of Skagway.  I LOVE this charming, historic town!


Railroad Junction in Skagway, AK

Our first destination was the Skagway Museum where I encountered the Duck Neck Quilt.  This quilt is an incredible work of art and was made by Jenny (Olson) Rasmuson who lived in Yakutat, Alaska from 1905 – 1912.  Jenny’s story is detailed here.  With permission from the museum staff, I was allowed to photograph the quilt without a flash.  The quilt is under glass, so there is a reflection, but I was attempting to capture the rich colors and textures of this masterpiece.


Duck Neck Quilt – Skagway Museum


I think this quilt embodies the ultimate pioneer spirit of the women of this time.  They used whatever supplies, skills and talents they had available to them to create useful items for everyday use.  Useful can also be beautiful!

Our next stop in Skagway was the Rushin’ Tailor’s Quilt Alaska Shop.


Skagway, Alaska

This shop was filled to the brim with fabrics to inspire all types of quilters!  I spent a considerable amount of time here.  The batiks had so many nature and northwest inspired prints that I just don’t find here in Ohio.  I did buy some laser cut applique salmon for a future project!

Skagway, Alaska–it was the launching point for many who joined the Alaska Gold Rush.  For me, it was the launching point for quilting inspiration!  I plan to return someday!

4 thoughts on “Really?! A Duck Neck Quilt?!

  1. sandradny says:

    The duck neck quilt would fit right in with challenges like the Make Do Quilt challenge that @tierneycreates is working on! Love me some hard-core reusing and recycling.

  2. tierneycreates says:

    Thanks for sharing more Alaska photos! That Duck Neck Quilt it wild. SandraDNY is cracking me up – I have yet to work with animal hides in my quilting – that would be a serious Make Do! 🙂

  3. Texas Quilting says:

    Awesome! I’ve been to quite a few states but Alaska is one I haven’t made it to. It looks so gorgeous. I decided to switch back to a paper planner, which is why I had for over a decade. It’s my happy place!

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