Seasonal Peer Pressure Part II

As @tierneycreates has pointed out in a previous discussion, even though the calendar says August, it’s not too early to start on your Christmas quilts!

But seriously, don’t you need a new gift quilt pattern for the upcoming season? One with a little pizzazz and personality? How about one that’s versatile too – using your stash of scraps, you can make a quilt for any occasion and add your own sense of style in a whole new, inexpensive, 3-d way.

Sandy and I have been working on a pattern we are calling  “Gifted 3-d”.  Today we released the first pattern–a mini quilt. If it’s 80 degrees and you’re not really in the Christmas mood, this mini would make a cute birthday ‘card’ for an office mate, a stunning gift in wedding colors for a bridal shower or a nice ‘gift of friendship’ mini for a friend.

One of the most fun elements of the quilt is the hunt for the appropriate “bow”. This extreme 3-d element will give you an excuse to let your imagination run wild. The bow on the Christmas beauty came from the health and beauty section of a Dollar Store.

You can download a detailed pattern here.



8 thoughts on “Seasonal Peer Pressure Part II

  1. sparkilyblog says:

    It is definitely not to early to start holiday projects! Every year I find myself wishing I had started earlier so thank you for sharing this cute mini quilt. I went to Craftsy and bookmarked your pattern 🙂 🎁

  2. Texas Quilting says:

    I can only dream of a cool 80 degrees. It was 103 today! It was so hot that I didn’t even go in the pool because I knew in spite of it being cooler than outside, it would still be a sauna. I’m going to download your pattern right now! I didn’t realize you had a Craftsy page; I’m going to peruse the rest of it while I’m there too!

    • sandradny says:

      You are so right — we are spoiled here in WNY and Ohio. I (Sandy) used to live in Texas too — Austin and then Fort Worth/Arlington and back to Austin. I remember those meltingly hot days in the Lone Star state. I called July-September the Texas “winter” (when the weather drives you inside and you have to run up your utility bills)! Thanks for checking out our Craftsy page!

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