Seasonal Peer Pressure

IMG_0687Have you noticed all the fall-themed quilts on social media sites this week? As soon as the calendar turns to August, the back-to-school drumbeat begins and everything is all brilliant maple leaves and pumpkins. This is not new. I remember when I was in high school, the highlight of the summer was driving to Rochester, NY to shop at the Southtown Plaza for school clothes. We had to make this 70+ mile trip because there were no real stores in our small town. We always stopped at a restaurant called the Carriage House. They served the most delicious clam chowder.

One of my all-time favorite back to school outfits from the big-time Rochester shopping trip was a three piece burgundy velvet pantsuit. Yes it was the ’70s, yes it was glorious. Yes it was stunning and yes that outfit during the first week of September was hotter than the “hot place” if you know where I mean. I had been sucked in by marketing, believing that Mother Nature obeyed the laws of retail and I spent one uncomfortable still-summer September day drenched in sweat — but I still looked good!

Anyway, back to people jumping the quilting gun on fall. I surrender. Here’s my first autumn offering: Count Dracula in an inglorious mug rug format.



My quilt sandwich is ready to go (again). I’ve tried to quilt this three times (can you see the holes where the stitches went off the rails?): once free-form, once using painter’s tape for rules (thanks for the tip, Cindy)  and once stitching in the ditch. I think I need a class (or 12).

I do so love those goofy googly eyes.

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