Glam Girl Lotion Mini Quilt

I decided to make the Glam Girl Lotion Mini Quilt in bold, sophisticated colors and fabrics.  Here is my result!


Sandy designed this foundation paper pieced pattern to be super easy and she was spot on in her design!  This pattern goes together quickly and delivers a punch of quilted cuteness and sophistication.  I was thinking a metallic fabric would be nice to use and then I came across this feminine scroll which works well with black and white polka dots.


I used blue painter’s tape as a guide for my quilting stitches.  I frequently use this tape because it does not leave a residue on my fabric and I can easily move and re-use the tape as needed.

I added a small hanging sleeve to the back.


The finished size of this mini quilt is 7 1/4 inches wide and 10 1/2 inches long.


Like this pattern?  Download it here:Glam Girl Lotion Mini Quilt

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