Glam Girl Lotion Mini Quilt

I decided to make the Glam Girl Lotion Mini Quilt in bold, sophisticated colors and fabrics.  Here is my result!


Sandy designed this foundation paper pieced pattern to be super easy and she was spot on in her design!  This pattern goes together quickly and delivers a punch of quilted cuteness and sophistication.  I was thinking a metallic fabric would be nice to use and then I came across this feminine scroll which works well with black and white polka dots.


I used blue painter’s tape as a guide for my quilting stitches.  I frequently use this tape because it does not leave a residue on my fabric and I can easily move and re-use the tape as needed.

I added a small hanging sleeve to the back.


The finished size of this mini quilt is 7 1/4 inches wide and 10 1/2 inches long.


Like this pattern?  Download it here:Glam Girl Lotion Mini Quilt

Glam Girl Lipstick Mini Quilt

My mini quilt obsession continues with another one of Sandy’s great designs!  This  foundation paper pieced pattern is from the Glam Girl Series that Sandy is known for.   Since it’s almost spring here in Ohio, I was inspired to use some “springy” colors from my stash.  What do you think?


I am still “refining” my machine quilting skills.  Since I love polka dots so much, I added more to the binding.  I like the results!


The finished size of this mini quilt is 6 inches wide by 11 inches long.  It is the perfect size to hang in a narrow space AND you can use this pattern for some of those skinny mini quilt swaps!


Like this pattern?  Download it here:Glam Girl Lipstick Mini Quilt

Sandy has designed this pattern to be fast and fun!  Your lipstick mini quilt is sure to pack a punch of glamorous cuteness where ever it lands!


Misc. Monday

Mini quilts are popular now and after making this one, I am officially a mini quilt addict!


Just one small block packs a big punch of quilting satisfaction.  I had so much fun sewing this block together, I got to practice my machine quilting AND I combined some cute fabrics from my stash.


Sandy designed this block and I’ve been waiting to use this purple and teal batik print for just the right project.  The dots and swirls reminded me of some sparkly nail polish I saw at the drug store.  There are so many shades and textures of nail polish out today and it proves the theory that quilting inspiration can be found just about anywhere!


Like the pattern?  You can download it for free:  Nail Polish Mini Quilt

Since my addiction to mini quilts is now out in the open, I will be posting more photos and patterns in the future.  Sandy has some great designs in progress!

Left Over Monday Glam Girl Mini Pillows

I had two “practice” glam girl blocks left over from my wall hanging and decided to make some mini pillows.  What do you think?  The smaller pillow has a marabou door hanger for an extra bit of glamour!Slide1For the larger mini pillow, I trimmed the left side and the right side so there is 1/2 inch of white fabric on each side.  Then I added 3/4 inch of white fabric to the top of the block and to the bottom of the block. Slide2

Next I added a two inch pink border to both sides and then the top and bottom.

Then I made a quilt sandwich: muslin on the bottom, batting in the middle and the quilt block on top.  I am practicing my machine quilting skills and am getting braver with each attempt!  I meandered around the white fabric and used a decorative loop stitch on the left and right pink borders.

Then I decided it needed rick rack.  You could personalize or embellish this block by adding machine embroidery.  I wish I thought about this before I sewed my pillows together!  Slide16

Finally, with right sides together, I sewed the quilt block to a cute backing fabric (using a 1/2 inch seam allowance) and leaving a 3 inch space to turn the pillow inside out.  Clip your corners and stuff your pillow.  Slip stitch the opening closed.  Slide12

Cuteness plus!Slide13

On to the door hanger!Slide6

I trimmed the block so there is a 1 inch white border on the left and right sides of the block.  I added a 1 1/4 inch strip of white fabric to the top and to the bottom.

Like the pillow above, I quilted the block and added rick rack.  Add some machine embroidery to personalize your door hanger!  Slide5

Pin your marabou 1 inch from the corners of your quilted block.Slide7

Pin your pillow backing fabric to the quilt block and marabou, right sides facing each other.  Use a 1/2 inch seam allowance and sew around the outside of your door hanger, leaving a 3 inch opening at the bottom. I reinforced the stitches at the opening.Slide10

The top of your door hanger will look like this.  Trim off the extra marabou and clip your corners on the diagonal (making sure you don’t cut your stitches).Slide9

Turn your door hanger right side out and stuff.  Slip stitch the opening closed.  Since I don’t have an embroidery machine, I added some wording with my computer so you can see the possibilities!Slide11

Leftovers can be fast and fun!  These are small little projects that have a big cuteness impact!  Plus I got to continue practicing my machine quilting skills!

Send us pictures of your mini pillow projects, we would love to see how you personalize your little minis! Slide1