Boudoir Quilt Redux


The wind is howling outside. It is definitely a night when quilts will be welcome. It’s not that it’s cold, really, but March is showing it’s lion face. Do kids really learn that phrase any more? I should check with my 15-year-old before I quote ridiculous things like “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

It’s leftover Monday, so I thought I might rehash an oldie but goodie. ‘Cindy’s Glam Girl wall hanging was based on a larger girly girl quilt called the Boudoir quilt that I designed two years ago. I had so much fun creating this sweet quilt.


I was really happy with this first block I made of the quilt. But my mother was disturbed by the classic red of the bottle. She’s more of a shell pink polish kind of girl (if you can even wrestle her into the salon), so I changed the color for her in the final version.

I originally published it under a blog called Stories from the Hill, but now that blog is no longer active. In November 2015 Fave Quilts was kind enough to add the Boudoir quilt to their line-up of  “101 of the Best Free Quilt Patterns” (#53). What a thrill to see my creation on Pinterest!

So, since my old blog is gone I thought I should re-post the complete now famous pattern <grin>.




And here are the instructions that I sent along to accompany the pattern.


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    • cckae says:

      Hi Julie!
      This is Cindy. Thank you for your comment!
      We just love “Glam Girl” because the possibilities are endless to customize the blocks!

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