Rolly Polly Teddy Finale

Yesterday’s giant rain/snow/sleet/snow storm brought winter to my house for what feels the first time this year. We lost two beautiful full-grown river birch trees. This one is in the back of the house. The other is in the front. Too the far right you can see that my neighbor also lost several birches.  It’s sad to say goodbye to these graceful gentle trees (cue “Circle of Life” music). However, my neighbors have already moved on — they are proposing a summer bonfire to enjoy the trees one last time. I think I’ll be over the grieving by then. IMG_1163[1]Cindy has done me a solid. She made a handy-dandy grid for my Roly Poly Teddy quilt that will help you lay out the rich and luxurious brown and gold teddy squares we gathered earlier. Then she went one step farther and exploded the Teddy the grid so you can see how to pull the teddy rows together.

Here’s my finished quilt top. Dimensions are 43″x 45″. You can find the original blog post here.


Rolly Polly Teddy Bear

I’ve created a pink and brown flannel backing. I’m hoping to work on the quilt sandwich today.

<updated below>


Roly Poly Teddy Bear quilted — can you see the bears and hearts? Adorable!

Cindy’s beautifully written pattern Roly Poly Teddy Bear Pattern FINAL.

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