Roly Poly Teddy Bear Baby Quilt

Help! My sewing room is a disaster! Earlier this year I bought a tall dresser at an estate sale. I slid it into the closet in my sewing room. I thought some big drawers would help me organize my fabric. When I brought it home I quickly filled up the drawers and started piling fabric on top. Ugh. The closet shelves re-grew stuff and it feels like I’m back where I started.  After a holiday season of distractions and gift-giving projects, I’m a mess.


The ugly underbelly of my crafting room.

I think I’m going to have spend the upcoming snowstorm downtime making some order out of chaos. Anyone want to help? I have wine and/or a little vodka and some killer Muddy Mary Mix in exchange for free labor….(yes, Cindy, I did just write that — haha)!

Would now be a good time to talk about a baby quilt? I thought so too!

About a year ago I purchased a box of old quilting books. One of my favorites is a an Eleanor Burns gem called Christmas at the Bear’s Paw Ranch (2004). I love all the cozy designs and the sweet teddy bear patterns. The book inspired me to create my own teddy bear quilt. So I hauled out the graph paper and started to work. Here’s what I came up with.


Rolly Polly Teddy Bear Sketch

I dove into my stash of 2.5″ squares and gave my Burns-inspired bear a modern edge. It was so much fun creating those sweet baby bear paw blocks.

I finally finished the quilt top.

quilt top

I kind of miss little teddy because she’s been on my design wall for most of the summer. As a last touch, I stitched on a flannel heart using a blanket stitch. I have another cuddly piece of pink flannel that I’m going to use for the backing.


Roly Poly Teddy Bear finish

Here’s a link to the Roly Poly Teddy Bear Pattern FINAL.

13 thoughts on “Roly Poly Teddy Bear Baby Quilt

    • sandradny says:

      Elaine: Right? I wish that I could be brave and start experimenting with the quilting, but somehow, it drops down on the list of fun things to do! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Bonnie Turner says:

    I have almost finished my teddy bear quilt (just have to make a quick trip to get more pink thread to finish the binding). I had a little bit of frustration with a couple of minor errors in your pattern but I figured it out and it looks good! I don’t have a machine that does the so cute and amazing quilting on your finished quilt so I just did stitch in the ditch – fairly quick and easy. This quilt is for my new granddaughter that I will be seeing next weekend. And I also used flannel for the backing – I had some flannel in my stash with teddy bears all over it. Thanks for the cute pattern!!!!

  2. Kellen says:

    Absolutely love your quilt! And thanks for sharing it for free! I’m almost done with mine (a blue version of your quilt).

    I have 1 question. What color thread did you use for the quilting? It looks like you used al all over pink, but I’m not 100%.

    Any suggestions?

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