Stressed by the Mess II

In a previous post, I mentioned the need to organize my sewing space.  Yesterday, I just decided to jump in and get busy!  I pulled everything off the closet shelves and just threw it all into a great big pile in the middle of the floor.  Talk about stuff!


My sewing buddy, Norma, a Bearded Collie, wasn’t sure what to make of all that stuff on the floor so she decided to mind her own business off to the side…wise girl!


I found a “few” dust bunnies.  Hmmm, I really think they are Norma fur mixed with miscellaneous threads from days gone by.


After an hour or two, this is what my closet looks like.  Much better, but I need to organize my scraps!  I’ll save that for another post!


Norma has now reclaimed her spot under my cutting table!  She is no longer stressed by the mess in the middle of the floor.


Richly Repurposed

I’ve been cleaning up my sewing room, you know how it is after a big project!  I had stuff everywhere and couldn’t find anything anywhere!  As I was getting re-organized, I realized how many things I’ve repurposed in my sewing space.


The blue organizer above was made by my uncle many years ago.  He and my aunt loved to camp and he made this to use as a tote for napkins and silverware.  I put magazines where the napkins would go and the all important TV remote in one of the silverware slots.  He painted this a lovely shade of blue and I’ll keep it the same color in his memory.

The above flower vase was a left over from our son’s wedding last month.  I liked the shape and it had a shabby chic look so I added a few silk flowers for some bold color.  There’s Norma, my Bearded Collie sewing buddy!  She was napping and then had to see what I was up to.  She’s kind of a nib nose, which is why I love her!





Another item I’ve repurposed is an old rug beater.  I was at a tag sale with mom (who is a pro at tag sales, by the way) and we saw this in the rafters of the garage.  This cost me a grand total of $2.00 and serves as a mini inspiration board.  I use clothespins to attach thing to the wires.  My son made the clothespin with the two hearts on it…I think he was in first grade when he made it for a Mother’s Day gift!




I’m a big copy cat of Sandy even though she is my little sister!  She has a big white bowl in her sewing room where she keeps all her pins.  I thought her idea was clever and was looking for a bowl like hers.  Guess what she found for me at a tag sale?  This bowl has a worn blue edge that adds charm and I use it on my sewing table for leaders and enders.


I was antiquing with a friend and happened upon the sugar mold pictured below.  I liked the green color and I liked how some of the paint was worn. There were four sugar slots and I originally planned to use it as a candle holder.


BUT, you guessed it!  I decided it was the perfect organizer for pens, pencils, bias bars, chop sticks and all the other miscellaneous tools a quilter needs.  I keep it on a shelf near my cutting table and it’s so handy to have everything at my fingertips!


I’ve got more repurposed items in my sewing room to write about and can’t wait to show you!  Let us know what you’ve repurposed in your sewing space!