12 Year Project — Complete!

Yes it’s true!  This quilting project took only 12 years from start to finish.  I started this quilt 12 years ago as a beginning quilter.  I no longer have this pattern on hand but I remember how much fun I had picking out all these bright batiks.


I was just learning accurate machine piecing and I was obviously having trouble with points!  It was probably a combination of inaccurate cutting AND using a machine that did not have a 1/4 inch foot.  Yikes!


The block below is better but I am my own worst critic!  After I got this back from my quilter, I realized just how many points were actually square and I wasn’t crazy about the variegated thread on navy fabric. Something that seemed so right had turned out so wrong!  I decided this quilt just needed to go somewhere and hide, so it did!


One of my favorite quilt bloggers is Tierneycreates and on March 6, 2017, she posted a piece titled “Quilt Studio Archaeology and Purge, Part III”.  I started thinking about my own quilt studio archaeology and dug this quilt out from under a pile of “stuff”.

I only needed to add a binding and this 12 year project would be complete!  While I was tacking down the binding, my son and daughter-in-law commented on how much they liked this quilt, hmmmmm, it’s now theirs for posterity!

…and how much did I spend?!

This past Saturday, my quilting guild traveled to Lunn Fabrics  located in Lancaster, Ohio.  What a feast for the eyes!  Let’s start with the outside first.  This shop is located in a large, old brick house and is surrounded by a garden of spring splendor with interesting lawn ornaments.


The walkway into the shop hosts a collection of multi-colored bowling balls!  Unique and clever…at first I thought they were gazing balls, talk about re-purposing!  This set the stage for the next surprise.


Lunn’s has an incredible selection of batiks and hand-dyed fabrics, I didn’t know where to look first!


There are lots of “one of a kind” fabrics…if you see something you like, it’s pretty much buy now or regret later!


I kept coming back to the fabric below, the colors were bold and striking.  Who can resist a good leaf pattern?


Inspiration was everywhere!  Why not add some beading and buttons to your quilt?  They carry a nice supply of both in the store.


The quilt below was truly a work of art!

The green quilt below was also a show stopper.

Want to try your hand at making batik fabric?  Batik stamps are available for purchase!


…and “how much did I spend?” you ask!  A grand total of $1.50!

I admit it, I froze…I didn’t have a plan!  I’ll be driving back to Lunn’s but next time, I’ll have a plan for sure!


A Quilted Wedding Gift

Our son, Tim, is getting married in June!  I decided to make a Christmas quilt as a wedding gift for Tim and his new bride.  The pattern “All Wrapped Up” by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. called my name.

Tim loves batik fabrics so I search for just the right ones.  I found these lovely shades of red and green.  Nice patterns and textures!  DSCN5749

Next I started cutting and sewing my blocks together.  I alternated the red and the green fabrics in each block.

The bow at the top of the package is a flying geese unit with two white rectangles on each side.  The green below is one of my favorite prints.  I love the movement in this fabric!


This red paisley print is another favorite of mine.


I made 10 green blocks and 10 red blocks and then cut out the white sashing.


I was excited to see all my blocks on my design wall but Norma, our Bearded Collie, well not so much!  She matches my rug doesn’t she?  She is my sewing buddy and has been known to steal fabric and run away just for the fun of it!


Next I squared all my blocks before sewing them to the sashing strips.  The batik fabrics have a tight weave and don’t stretch too much but I did have a small scrap pile…looks like Christmas!


The official layout is 4 blocks across and 5 blocks down so I sewed all my blocks and rows together.  This was the easy part!


The white sashing between the blocks and rows really highlights the colors and the fabric designs.


I added a 5 1/2 inch outer border in a batik poinsettia print.


The wedding gift/Christmas quilt has now been turned over to my quilter, Ms. KB.  She will work her magic over the next few weeks and I should have my quilt back just before the wedding.

I might have to pull an all nighter to get the binding sewn on and tacked down but it will be worth it!  I know the bride and groom will be very happy with their new family heirloom!