Finishing Those Little Bits


Evidence of an evening well spent

This weekend is going to be crazy busy. Saturday my son will be in a tennis tournament, and it’s community day in our little home town. I promised mom that I would help her can peach pie filling and my son is planning his first date for Sunday afternoon. Plus, I’m scheduled for some hours with my regular volunteer gig.

Yes, I did say his first date. I am a little partial, but I think he’s a nice young man, albeit with way more facial hair than I am comfortable with, being his momma and all. I hope the date turns out well. I think he was a little shocked when she agreed to go. The plan is for us to pick her up and I’ll drive them to the county fair. I promised to drop them off and go to a park and read or something while they explore. However, I do believe that there is a small quilt shop nearby that is open on Sundays. Do tell!

My childhood friend, sister of my original quilt pusher, fellow Keuka Lake quilt retreat-er, and professional long-arming quilter (aka Ms. G) lives in my hometown, so I will drop off my picnic quilt on Saturday sometime between the basket raffle, the parade and the chicken barbecue.

In preparation for the hand-off,  I gathered all my red fabrics, including a deconstructed Portuguese cotton sheet and pillowcase set I purchased for $1 at a yard sale, and pieced together a backing. I love the history of quilts. This backing represents pieces of a baseball quilt I made for my son after his team won a city championship (solid red), the bandanna fabric used for the backing of a Lori Holt-inspired barn quilt, and of course the red gingham that brings back a fun memory of a summer day spent garage-saling with our older sister.


Thrifty pieced backing

Wish me luck this weekend! Anyone want to share a first date horror story?

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