What’s in Your “To Go” Bag?

Mine is filled with everything I need for my hexie project!


Here’s what’ in my bag:  a hexie flower in progress, hexie templates, fabric covered hexies,  hexies in the process of being covered with fabric, a small pouch, thimbles, two colors of silk thread, straight pins, safety scissors, and my needle case (missing from the picture…oops!)

This colorful “To Go” bag is really a  ‘free with purchase’ make-up bag.  The larger bag has a handle for easy carry and better yet, a zipper for no spillage.  The smaller pouch is the perfect size to hold hexie templates, it zips up and fits neatly in the larger bag.


Let’s talk about traveling with scissors!  These babies belonged to my son when he was about 6 years old and I dug them out of the crayon box he no longer used…can you imagine going to high school without a crayon box?!  These scissors have made it through airport security many times and with the blunt ends, I don’t have to worry about them poking through my fabric when they get jostled around.


I’ll be traveling again soon so I took some time to re-stock my “To Go” bag which is always packed in my carry on bag.  I often meet other quilters who stop and talk when they see me hand stitching my hexies.  It’s fun to hear about what other quilters are working on.

So….what’s in your “To Go” bag?  Let us know!



4 thoughts on “What’s in Your “To Go” Bag?

  1. Texas Quilting says:

    Mine has EPP in it too! It’s so easy to take my patchwork of the crosses with me anywhere. I have a small cloth bag that I throw in my purse and is ready any time I have 2 free minutes.

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