Treasured Past

This quilt was made by my great-grandmother and most likely other family members too!  I used this as a bedspread while I was growing up on the farm.  It could be the reason I love the color green!  I never knew my great-grandmother but I treasure this quilt!  It is so worn and so loved and this is what inspired me to learn the art of quilting.


This antique treasure is hand pieced and hand quilted.  The cheddar and green combination is such a nice contrast, I wonder if someone wore a shirt in cheddar and used the leftovers for quilt pieces?  I wonder if coral is the modern take on cheddar?  I like the little yellow stars in the green border print.


The binding is made from a navy blue fabric with the tiniest of tiny white polka dots.  You can see it’s really worn after so much use.  The backing is a plain tan fabric that is a bit heavier than our muslin today.  I wonder if this green plaid fabric was left over from a work dress?  Maybe an apron?  Maybe dish towels?


Most likely the dyes in the fabric helped the pieces deteriorate over time but I just love the little red flowers on the gray/blue background!  Maybe this was used for a cute little toddler dress for my grandmother!


More cute little red flowers on a tan background!  Any how about the red and white stripes to match?  I am imagining the red and tan floral fabric was used to make a play dress for my grandmother and then she had a matching striped apron to go and gather eggs.


Someone in our family loved red!  Maybe this red and tan plaid fabric was used to make a long skirt or fancy shirt waist?


These tiny prints in blue and red are so cute!  Maybe they were used as accent fabrics, or for bonnets or for summer dresses?  It’s fun to imagine!


It is comforting to know Sandy and I inherited our love of quilting from the women in our family.  I imagine while they were making these quilts they hoped future family members would love these special quilts.  How right they were!

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