The last couple of weeks have been a whirl-wind. I’ve had a few wee medical issues and Cindy’s son got married. I promise not to show you my scars, but I can’t resist bragging about my sweet nephew and his lovely new bride:


Mr. and Mrs. TRH. They are adorbs!

So amongst all the festivities and the bandage changes and Netflix marathons, our quilting time has been spent catching up on a lot of binding work and even more brainstorming sessions about upcoming projects. Soon we will unveil some exciting new patterns that will give you options for quilt-gifting during all kinds of special life moments.

This weekend was the first chance I had to go garage/tag/estate saling in quite some time. After I finished my laundry quilt, it inspired me to look for other unique fabrics and needle arts that can be incorporated into quilting projects.

Our oldest sister is visiting the farm for the summer and I introduced her to one of my favorite trash/treasure shops. This funky place has a special room dedicated to crafts and all kinds of needle arts. The room is stuffed with a huge stash of books and patterns and treasures and big sis became a big fan (she’s a knitter, so she was no competition — unlike some people we know).

So bright and early Saturday morning I found two completed cross stitch pieces that I think would make a special accessory in a toddler room. Feast your eyes on these sweet babies with massive up-cycle potential:


This little spring-like scene makes me so happy!


The original needle is still embedded in the fabric. The extra threads are neatly organized with the original instructions.

The panels are dated 1975. I can’t believe how long ago that was — and I remember it like it was yesterday!  Each panel is 11.5×8 inches. And, despite my poor photography skills, both have similar eggshell white backgrounds. During our Saturday saling adventure I also found an old crib sheet made of 100%  Portuguese cotton in a red gingham. Maybe I can find a way to include that fabric in my project.

I’m taking suggestions: what would you create with these fab finds?

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  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    I am so jealous that you and big sis went shopping without me! I think I would turn these cute little scenes into two pillows made from some type of bunny fabric. Time to go shopping!

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