Watching Spring Finally Unfold

I have a since kindergarten friend who says that her favorite season is ‘anticipation of spring’. She loves the possibilities that lie curled up in mud and the cold, just waiting for the right moment to arrived. What a lovely idea, right? Well, I think her favorite time of year ended last night.

I know that the calendar declared spring two months ago, but seriously, the sun just never got the message here in the northeast. Forecasts that called for sunshine devolved into cool and drizzly days. Hard frosts stalked the crab apple blossoms and the neglected Mother’s Day hanging baskets. My son played a soccer game in a blinding snow storm last weekend.


In answer to your question: yes, I did tell him to wear a hat.

But today, ah today, spring was really here. The sun was warm, the sky was blue, the wind brushed away the rain clouds that tried to congregate. And the wild violets, ancient anticipators of spring, curled up in the heat to sleep the year away.


A wild violet before it goes back to sleep.

Bring on the sun.


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