Barn Quilt Finish (Finally)

I love Lori Holt and her Bee in My Bonnet blog! Her designs and fabrics are fresh and fun. About 2+ years ago I became obsessed with her barn quilt blocks (why do you suppose that happened???). She hosted a sew along that lasted many weeks. The tutorials taught me quilting terminology, demonstrated many basic blocks, and helped me increase my sewing skills through practice.


Barn quilt. Blocks designed by Lori Holt from Bee in My Bonnet.

As a beginning quilter I was low on scraps and fabrics. Unsure about how to buy my own fabrics and hailing from generally frugal folk, I would sew part of a barn or a “door block” and then I’d wait patiently for Cindy to finish a project out west. When she sent me her scraps, I’d get to sew some more. It took me a really long time to finish my barn quilt top. It took me even longer to add the sashing. After I added the sashing, things didn’t quite square up and it took me a while to find my error, tear it apart and fix it. Then I searched for a long time for just the right backing fabric, making a couple of buying mistakes along the way (those fabrics are still in my stash!). The backing is made of red kerchief fabric — love it!

Finally it was off to Ms. G for quilting. Afterwards I eagerly added the binding and started the process of ‘bonding with my quilt’ (aka finishing the hand binding). I got to the last 10 inches and quit. For.a.year. I moved this quilt from place to place, taking note of my failure each time.

This week I could stand it no longer. I did it. I finally finished my barn quilt. I’ve decorated a guest room in farm girl chic and this quilt and a red chalk-painted dresser are the stars of the show. Whew!

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  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    This quilt is so cute and the red the bandana backing is perfect! Playing with colors, patterns and textures is a learning process—glad I could help! Another scrap package is heading your way soon!

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