Can You Say Cheese?

Cheddar and blue are not just names for cheese!  These cheddars and blues compose one of my all time favorite reproduction fabric quilts–well it’s really a wall hanging.

The contrast of colors and fabrics is yummy!  Sorry, I just can’t get past the food analogy!


Here’s a bird’s eye view.  My quilter, Ms. JM, did a lovely quilting job, don’t you think?  Oops, how did my feet get in the picture?!


I used Thangles to make my tiny half square triangles –they made piecing so much easier!


Right now this quilt is hanging in my sewing room.  It makes things warm and cozy for winter sewing.

What’s hanging on the wall in your sewing space?


Snuggling Down

After a freakishly warm Christmas Day, the weather here in WNY has taken a turn for the winter. I don’t know why, but I rarely catch any pictures of the big day, but I did manage to wrestle my teenager into a family picture in front of the tree.


Dad had to photobomb his way in!

This morning, we woke up to a mild Hollywood-style snowstorm with big, fat flakes tumbling down out of a puffy, white sky.


It is completely lovely, and it reminds me that the end of Christmas does not mean the end of cold weather. I’m rustling around in my recipe file, looking for the appropriate soup recipe with which to scent the house.

I do have to run to town later. Shockingly, I have not yet purchased my 2017 calendar — and Boots must go with me, because my darling kitty needs a rabies shot. He’s in for a rude awakening soon.


Sorry in advance, kitty!

Over the last few days I’ve been working on a new Valentine’s day project. Soon I’m going to need a new season-appropriate wall hanging for my office and I’ve decided that the color scheme on this Jenny Doan pattern of Missouri Star Quilt Company belongs more in my house than my office.


I just love this charm pack pattern. It’s fast and fun and stands the test of time.

My new design uses two jelly rolls: one red and one white. I’m excited to show it to you. I’m hoping to finish the quilt top today. Stay warm friends!

P.S. This week marks the first anniversary of the start of Gray Barn Designs! It has been so much fun meeting everyone and making new friends. Cindy and I are honored by your friendship and we are inspired by your stories and your work. Happy 2017!