Old Faithful

Old Faithful lives in my sewing room!  This is the machine Sandy and I learned to sew on, isn’t it beautiful?

Old Faithful has been with us throughout our lives.  She helped make Kindergarten smocks when we didn’t even know how to sew.  She acted as our quilting mentor and helped us learn how to sew a straight stitch.  She mended jeans, helped complete Home Economics projects, made prom dresses, hemmed mini skirts, repaired blanket bindings and the list goes on!


Old Faithful was made in 1956 and has a nice sewing cabinet to live in.  The cabinet is being refinished well, I mean,  at least I started to refinish it!  So Old Faithful sits on a counter overlooking Inspiration Point (aka my sewing room) until she is back home in her original sewing cabinet.


Old Faithful has all metal parts and attachments.  The attachments still work, even the one that makes ruffles!  I remember when ruffles were the fashion rage (whew, glad that fashion statement rests in the past!) and I made a long dress with a big ruffle.  I thought I was such a seamstress using the ruffle attachment with yards and yards of fabric!  I just hummed along letting Old Faithful do all the gathering work.


Mom has always been good about saving manuals and original boxes.  The manual below contained all the information about how to use Old Faithful and her attachments.  We didn’t need the Internet, we had a hard copy manual!


Since Old Faithful has been so good to us, I decided to make a quilted cover for her until I get the cabinet refinished.  I’ve been playing with pinwheel designs and here is what I started.


Once I complete this cover, I’ll show you the final product.  I am going to practice some Lori Kennedy quilting stitches to spice it up.

What machine did you learn to sew on?  Let us know about the Old Faithful in your life!