Saturday General Retreat

My sewing mentor and her sister, the fabulous Ms. G. (who is a wonderful long-arm quilter) invited me to a sewing retreat on Saturday. We met at my mentor’s lovely home — the site of my first quilting lessons– and convened in a newly renovated sewing room. It was truly pieceful peaceful there! The forecast called for sunshine and warm temperatures, but it stayed cloudy and rainy — a perfect day for sewing!

Although I took several projects to work on, I spent all my time with my handsomeĀ French General –the fabric kind! (Doesn’t that sounds like a good title for a romance novelĀ “The Handsome French General”? Dibs on the name!!!)


I bought this quilt kit in January with an event just like Saturday in mind!


This is the first quilt I cut using the Dritz handle for my ruler. It made a big difference in my cutting skills — no more wrestling unintentionally wonky squares into place <hopefully>.

This kit is made up of a lot of 2.5″ squares! It is the first time I have worked a quilt on-point and all those little triangles sounded intimidating, but it is much easier than I had anticipated.

The quilt will finish at 57″x57″. I’m about a third of the way through after day 2 of quilt kit sewing on Sunday back in my lonely little sewing room <sniff>.

Speaking of creative retreats, have you seen this September event from French General? Fall soccer will probably interfere with my plans, but a girl has got to dream, oui?

Besides the inspiration, conversation, Donny Osmond tunes (don’t judge — LOL– you would be smitten too if you grew up in the 60s-70s), and beautiful locales, another great thing about sewing with my long-time friends is that we always have yummy food. I was introduced to Banana Bars (truly addicting) and I practiced some more with my scone recipe with good results.

Earlier in the week I checked on my garden and the corn is up! Hoping for “knee high by the 4th of July” — going to need some serious heat and sunshine to make that happen.


And we have just received the best news: local strawberries are ready!