Tea and Jam and Quilts

I’ve been neglecting my sewing room a little bit. I think I’m stuck on True Blue and it’s harshing my flow, if you speak surfer slang. This gift quilt for my grieving friend is at the half-way point and I just keep walking a wide circle around it.

The weekend of the Royal Wedding, I spent an early morning procrastibaking when I certainly could have been sewing. Instead I made scones and tea cake and three kinds of tea sandwiches (egg salad, cucumber, ham salad) to enjoy while I watched those beautiful, accomplished, and lovely people get married.


Unfortunately I had to eat that scone with store-bought strawberry jam. I’m out of the good wild homemade stuff!

High tea was yummy, but it didn’t get my True Blue quilt finished, now did it?

It occurred to me that perhaps I am just saturated in blue and maybe if I made something red, it would inspire me to get back to creating. So I started randomly sewing red and yellow scraps together to make a long-needed nightstand cover.


The nightstand cover is everything inside and including the red border. The gingham background is another quilt I made which was inspired by Red Pepper Quilts. 

The cover came together quickly. But you can tell I’ve been practicing machine quilting when there is a trail of tiny shreds around my usual resting spots.


Yep, had the whole thing quilted and then realized that I scrambled one edge of the backing. I remain undaunted!

Now it’s too hot to bake, so I guess I’m going to have to settle down and get these two projects completed.

What is your favorite procrastination activity?