Travels Pillow: Opinions Needed!

While shopping at Red Rooster Quilts in Dublin, Ohio, I found this USA map panel.  It’s the perfect size for a large pillow that will probably finish around 20 x 20 inches square.  These colors work perfectly with our family room color scheme, game on!


I decided to start in the New England states and work my way from east to west, keeping with the history of our nation.  I’m outlining every state with a straight stitch…Rhode Island is really tiny!


Since I visited Alaska last year, I am very much in love with this state!  I can’t wait to get started on outlining AK!  By the time I get there, it will mean I’m almost finished with outline quilting.  Wish me luck with outlining all those little Hawaiian Islands!


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What is the best way to mark each state I have visited in my travels?  Should I add a bead?  A sparkle?  What would you do?