Richly Repurposed II

Today I want to show you how my husband (RK) repurposed an old drying rack from our family farm.  This rack was originally a tri-fold and wet clothes were draped over the rungs to dry.  In the snowy, cold winters of New York State, clothes couldn’t be hung outside on a clothesline so this drying rack would be positioned near a wood stove for a “quick dry”.  DSCN6049




Two racks of the tri-fold had broken rungs, so RK took the rack that had intact rungs and attached it to the wall with some of the broken pieces and parts.  He attached it behind the door so it is out of sight but useful.  I hang/drape fabrics for current projects, quilts that need bindings, etc.



I’ve also repurposed a clear, lucite cookbook holder my son gave me for Christmas one year.  It worked great in the kitchen but it works even better in my sewing room!  It’s on my cutting table so I can easily see the cutting instructions for my quilts.

Like my lamp?  I had so many old buttons that they filled a large pickle jar.  I added a screw top lamp piece and a plain white lamp shade.  I decided to cute up the lamp shade with some polka dot fabric that was cut on the bias.

Finally, let’s talk about pins!  I found these cute shallow bowls at a garage sale and use them to store my pins.  Because they are shallow, it is easy for me to reach in and quickly grab a pin.


Why two bowls you ask?  The bowl with the most pins is on my cutting table where I do 99.99% of my pinning.  The one with just a few pins is on my sewing table and I can easily toss the pins in this shallow bowl as I am sewing.

What do you use for pins?  Are you a pin cushion quilter?  It’s always fun to hear about  “pin protocol” from others, let us know!