A Quilting Story, 2018 Edition

In my November 27, 2017 post, I shared with you “A Quilting Story”.  Each year, my guild makes a quilt to give to a family receiving a Habitat for Humanity sponsored home.

On Saturday, we met to compile our latest creation for a soon to be new home owner.  We always have so much fun mixing and matching fabrics, houses, trees and community buildings.  Below are some highlights:

Isn’t this fabric perfect for a church?


I love the color combinations in this house!  I don’t think my husband will agree to an orange house…but maybe a door?  Hmmmmm.


Rick rack makes a nice gutter along the roof (sorry, contractor-speak) and how about this cute, color coordinated chimney?


The bark on this tree looks like the real deal!


Party pennants or laundry?  I say we go with party pennants!


Another cute gutter along the roof again…AND what’s not to love about lace shutters?


Nice tree in the back yard…I’m thinking lemonade in the shade!


The school looks like it’s ready for business!


Here’s a bird’s eye view of our community in progress.  We always add three layers of 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch “bricks” around the outside edge for more color and texture.


After a flurry of sewing and re-arranging, the quilt top is now headed to a long arm for quilting.

I’ll be sure to share the final version with you before this charming quilt finds a forever home!




A Quilting Story

Every year, my guild makes a quilt to give to a family receiving a Habitat For Humanity sponsored home.  These quilts are a lot of fun to make because each of our guild members contributes her talents (and fabrics!) to this worthy cause.

Below is the quilt we are finishing up.  I volunteered to make the hanging sleeve and  binding and sew them to the quilt.  Mission accomplished!  Some of my fellow guild members LOVE to tack down quilt bindings so I will pass this task off to them.


We always use the same basic pattern but change around the locations of the houses, trees and community buildings so every quilt is different.  Three layers of fabric “bricks”  is our standard to add more color and texture to the outer border.

Each guild member is assigned to make a building and/or a tree for the quilt.  It’s always fun to see the creativity each person brings to the quilting table.  I like the school, it’s a happy color!


This little log cabin is a favorite of mine.  It’s soft and fuzzy, 3 dimensional and has a cute curtain in the window.


I always notice roof lines because my husband is a contractor!  This roof line is just plain cute, don’t you think?


The church windows are made from scraps of iridescent fabric that resembles stained glass.  We all ooo’d and ahhh’d over this one.  How about that cute little french knot for the door knob?


One of our guild members took a thread painting class and made this life like tree.  It’s a nice addition to our standard pine trees!


In January, this quilt will be part of our guild show.  After the show, we will present the quilt to a family starting a new chapter in their life story.  It’s nice to be part of their story!

An Active Guild!

I belong to an active quilt guild.  Each year we do a quilt for a Habitat for Humanity family, a quilt for a family surviving domestic violence and a Quilt of Honor for a United States Veteran.

Last weekend, I finished sewing the top for our Quilt of Honor.  Several guild members worked on the blocks and I finished the last row of chevrons and added the inner and outer borders.  A long arm quilter from the guild will do the quilting.


This is one of my favorite blocks.  I like the plaid and polka dot combo.


Here is another favorite block.  Also, you can see the navy outer border fabric that highlights the entire quilt.


Our guild goes 0n a shopping road trip each year and we have fun picking out the fabrics for our charity quilts.  Most of the time, guild members donate fabrics for the quilt blocks and then we go shopping for the border and binding fabrics to bring everything together in a cohesive quilt.

I have learned so much from my fellow guild members!  Each member has different quilting talents and they inspire me to expand my quilting horizons.  I’m always challenged with new techniques, color placements, fabric choices and patterns.

Do you belong to a quilting guild or group?  Tell us about it!