Looking forward


Time is just spinning out of control, isn’t it? September is over and before you know it the winter holidays will be upon us. As I watch my son traverse his final year in high school, I am struck by the speed at which our lives pass by. I guess I’m in that melancholy stage of fall.

While I fight off the blues, there are bright spots to contemplate:

  1. My son has been on the soccer bench for 3 weeks while he rests a pulled hamstring. Hopefully he will be back in action next Wednesday. We will not think nor talk about how dull our lives will next fall <sniff>.img_3719
  2. The fall colors have been a little subdued and we’ve had many overcast skies, but I can always rely on a few sparkles of blue from the wildflower contingent. Flax rocks.IMG_4322[1]
  3. I’ve been having fun searching through old baby pictures for the high school yearbook. Here’s an old fave that always makes me smile. He was a two-fisted daisy grabber back in the day.IMG_4327[1]
  4. I have a barren side table in desperate need of decoration & I started a Thanksgiving table-topper to try to correct this situation. My scrap baskets make me ridiculously happy — the smell, the touch, the colors — they keep me centered. When I went to Ohio this summer, Cindy sent me home with lots of scraps and yardage and bits and bobs that a friend had given her. I love the surprise of finding things I don’t recognize in my scrap bins — I am officially obsessed with the green shirting fabric here. My apologies for the dark photo — I’m going to blame it on the earlier sunsets associated with late September in the northern hemisphere. IMG_4276[1]
  5. I sent True Blue to my friend– after all my worry about it, she loved it and let me know that it’s already set up in her living room. Yay! When I quilt it makes other people happy too. trueblueGBD01

Let’s all promise to do something this week that makes that darned clock slow down so that we can savor the current moment and store it up for later.