Barn Raising

Sandy and I have several group projects in process and one of them is a barn quilt for our brother in law. He grew up on a farm “down the road” a few miles from us. He and our sister live in Florida now so we thought we’d take him on a trip down memory lane with a quilt.

I started looking through my stash and found some fabrics that just might work for a barn or two! How about this Gray Barn siding fabric? A dear friend gave it to me and it’s perfect! It’s also very Buckeye-ish with red fabrics. You know the drill…every true Buckeye loves scarlet and gray…but I digress!

We’re going to make it a very scrappy quilt and add some fun fabrics.

I have a flamingo print and because they live in Florida, we really have no choice but to work it into the barn quilt somehow. Got any ideas? Let us know!

One of the barn block patterns we’re using in our quilt is from Eleanor Burns. You can download it by clicking on the link below. It’s FREE!

Lessons Learned…

Several years ago I made a non-traditional Christmas quilt for my sister.  She lives in Florida and regionally, the colors and decor are much brighter and more “beachy” than here in the Midwest.

I used a pattern from an Eleanor Burns book, Christmas at Bear’s Paw Ranch , and as you can see, the non-traditional Christmas colors look perfect against a “Florida Pink” wall.  She has this hanging up throughout the year and of course I stopped to admire my work and reflect on lessons learned.


This quilt was my first attempt at using large scale prints AND of course I didn’t think about matching large prints when I pieced the outer border together.  The prints didn’t match AT ALL and looked wonky-goofy.  I ripped off the outer borders and pieced them together again in a rough attempt at matching.

The final version is lovely and the border mistakes are lost in the overall quilt.   Some of the fabrics have sparkles and who can resist enjoying such a beauty 365 days a year?


Eleanor’s patterns are great for quilters of all skill levels.  Do you have a favorite “Eleanor Pattern”?  Let us know!